Forgotten Tracks: Recap

I really like my new idea, Forgotten Tracks. It’s a post that let’s me take a look at some of my favorite artists and their music, that perhaps faded from the airwaves to some degree. This week, I would like to do a quick recap of the first three posts in the series!


Robert Plant- Sure you can still catch a fair amount of Led Zeppelin on the radio at any given time, but his solo work is largely out of cycle from most Classic Rock stations. Which is cool to some point. They don’t get under player. Check out the post for more magic from one of the great rock singers of all time!


Garbage- I love this band, especially singer Shirley Manson and her vivacious vocals. I really dig the way their sound is kind of edgy and electronic. It was a wonderful contrast to what was going down in the mid 90s. You can relive some of your favorite Garbage songs or hear them for the first time!


Bryan Adams- One of the best singer/songwriters in his time. He was largely successful in the 80s and seemed to be always in the top 40 year in and year out. Even though he had some success in the early 90s, his music began to take a back seat to newer bands and new sounds. You can still hear the Canadian rocker on some Classic Rock or retro stations. Click here for a blast from the past!

That’s it for this recap. Hope you enjoyed some really good music! Have a band you would like to see featured in this post? Feel free to leave it in the comments below!


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