Kudos to Blizzard for voicing their concern

You may or may not have heard about the firestorm the IeSF kicked over when they came out and said women would not be allowed to compete in their Hearthstone tournament. Apparently, going back into the dark ages. They actually solicited opinions on twitter and I’m sure they got a few colorful ones. Blizzard also voiced their concern and frankly stated that they would not support or authorize their product to be used in such a manner. I have to say, I commend them for it.

Blizzard has caught a lot of flack lately, from changes to their upcoming expansion, to Rob Pardo’s MIT speech on diversity. They could have just stood pat and let the IeSF handle their mess. They stepped up and voiced their opinion, and it was the right thing to do. Kudos for them on acting fast. I hope people realize the gravity of this and also respect them for doing such.

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