Harsh my ‘Melo’

I get the fact that it was a lot of money and Carmelo Anthony is probably more comfortable in New York. I don’t get why he took so long to come to the decision many predicted with much conviction, that would happen all along. It will be interesting to see what kind of team the Knicks can field now that Anthony saved them a whopping $9 million dollars over the 5 years of Melo’s deal. Harsh.

Harsh is also the feeling he is left here in Chicago. Many fans and media predicted Melo would go for the money, and most people would. The bitter taste is left though because Anthony chose to say he wanted to win a championship then ended up taking almost the same money as he could have got from day 1 when he opted out. Why do that to a city–or multiple cities? Why do that to their fans? It just smacks of the kind of selfishness and greed that many players display.

So our collective ‘mellow’ is harshed, if you will, here in Chicago. Our spirit is not. Hopefully a healthy Derrick Rose and his merry band of try-hard Bulls will be knocking out Melo’s harsh band of Knicks out of the playoffs for the next few years.

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