If you could put one player on your team, who would it be?

First of all congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who signed ex-Cav and superstar, LeBron James. In light of the recent wave of NBA free agent madness, I figured I would have some fun with this topic. You should do the same. Since most of us have favorite teams who miss out on the best players.

Chicago Bulls- Yeah. They missed out on the top free agents. Again. Carmelo Anthony would have been a great fit to play alongside Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. So who would I put on the Bulls? Might as well go big right? Kevin Durant. I know it would never happen, simply from a financial standpoint. With Rose’s current contract, his salary is going to keep going up over the next few years. I have no idea when Durant will become a free agent, but I would imagine his team wants to keep him. Still, this is not reality. He’s my guy I would add–free of consequences.

Chicago Cubs- Where do I start? I suppose a stud pitcher would be the way to go. Left hander did you say? OK. I’ll take LA Dodger Clayton Kershaw and and them to my team. Kershaw is possibly the best left hand pitcher in the game and is only 26 years old. Sadly, this never happens either, but that’s all the more reason to write a post like this! Someday we’ll go all the way. Eddie Vedder said so!

Chicago Blackhawks- They already have 2 of the best NHL players on their team in Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. So who would I add to complement them? A second line center of course (I kid). Sidney Crosby comes to mind actually, but I would maybe add a top defenseman. Drew Doughty from the Kings would fit in nicely. Put him next to Duncan Keith and you probably have the best 1-2 combo in the NHL.

Chicago Bears- NFL football is probably the single greatest team sport on the planet. 1 player can rarely make a huge impact in the grand scheme of things. Sure their are exeptions: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson to name a few. The Bears look like they are well on their way to building a playoff contender. They are missing an explosive pass rusher though. They did a nice job of added some pieces, including former Vikings and Chiefs DE, Jared Allen. Still, a player like Robert Quinn, who will give you 15+ sacks would help push the defense into that championship level.

Chicago White Sox- They are kind of in the same situation as the Cubs are–rebuilding. They did it a slightly different way, they went out and bought a young Cuban star Jose Abreu. He has been quite impressive so far. They also have a stud pitcher in Chris Sale. Outside of that, they need help everywhere. More starting pitching, more defense. A couple bats. Maybe their most glaring need is closer though. Closer is something you really add as the last piece of the puzzle. I might catch a little flack for it, but I would add Pirates CF Andrew McCutchen. He brings a good bat to the lineup and solid defense at a key position in the field.

So what would you do with your favorite teams? Feel free to leave your picks in the comments below!

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