Your best pull in Hearthstone

I finally finished today’s daily, which for me was win 5 games with a priest or warlock. I had some incredibly bad luck, bad pulls and just generally a hard time winning. I even made a new warlock deck (which I really like) so I didn’t have to try and win 5 games all with the priest. I get my gold and race right over to buy a pack (OK, I just clicked on “Shop”). I open it, and BAM! BAM! BAM!

King Krush was the first card I turn over! I was stunned. He is only my 3rd legendary. If you have been following me, you know I have been thinking about which legendary I should create. King Krush was in the mix. I was so happy. The look on my face must have been sheer amazement and joy. Then I clicked on the next card.

King Krush

The Krush of love!

BAM! A rare. No big deal, but after hitting a legendary, I was a little surprised. I then went up and–BAM! Epic! The Pyroblast turned over. Even though I already have one, I was overjoyed. Getting epic cards are great, getting one after a legendary is unreal. Pyroblast is on my list of “I win” cards and now I have 2! I’m pretty sure that is not fair.

So after screen shotting this cardgasm, I had to come here and start writing up this wonderful post. In addition to those 3 cards, I got the Windfury Harpy, which I didn’t have and Unleash the hounds, which I already had 2. A damn good pull if I do say so myself. In case I didn’t use up all my luck, I am going to run out and buy some scratch-off tickets and see if I can win some big money!

Have you had a really good “pull” in Hearthstone? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments down under. If not, keep trying. I am living proof that these things can happen–eventually!

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