Do you set goals for yourself in-game?

The content lull in Warcraft is a good time to chase achievements, level alts or get all kinds of other stuff done. I have plenty to do–so much actually. I feel like I need a “chore wheel” or some kind of elaborate system to figure out what to do next. Sometimes I set goals. Of course when one is hit, I flounder around until I can think of the next one. Do you do this too? Or have you figured out a system for yourself?

I think I set more goals in WoW than I do in real life. Which is kind of odd, I guess. In Warcraft, I can pick and choose. I can go after smaller, more realistic things. I mean, I know I will never be a top PvPer or raider, so I can exclude that. Doing What a Long Strange Trip was pretty cool. A little challenging too. After I did it, I went out to do it again! (and a third time). I stopped once they took 310% flying off the table.

warlords rainbow

Is Warlords of Draenor beta on your list? It’s not on mine, but good luck!

I eventually want to go for Loremaster but keep putting it off. My latest goal is to get my priest to 90 and play on Timeless Isle. I also have a level 40 warrior who I want to hit the level cap before the next expansion.

So what about you guys? Do you set goals for your characters or just play it by ear? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!


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2 Responses to Do you set goals for yourself in-game?

  1. repgrind says:

    Loremaster isn’t too bad now that you can do it in little bits. Yeah, it still takes a long time, but being able to *see* progress as you complete each zone is a powerful motivator.

    Also, and I kinda hate to admit this but … thumbs up on the Katy Perry. >.>

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