Plan your karaoke playlist

Was thinking today, if I were to ever karaoke, I should maybe plan it out. Think of songs I would want to sing. Maybe practice a little. Thing is. I have sung in front of people before. Most of my friends don’t even know (or remember) that I took 2 semesters of voice lessons at a local Jr. College. Not something I advertise. So yeah, I can sing in front of strangers. It’s the family and friends part that gives me pause. At any rate, I do want to karaoke at some point. So let’s see what my list would look like:

Big bottom– I figure you should at least do one Spinal Tap song right?

You’ll never find another  love like mine– My mom loves Lou Rawls. She used to play this song or at least mention it when it was on the radio. It’s a good song.

Born in the USA– Sing along with the Boss? Sing like a Boss!

Blue collar man– Tommy Shaw has always been a singer I admired and try to emulate a little. Well, as best as I can.

I touch myself– Yeah. This would be hysterical. I’m not sure I could pull it off without laughing.

Piano Man– Everyone loves Billy Joel, right? At least everyone should know it and maybe sing along?

Eye of the tiger– This one would be a fun one to sing. If I could nail it, it would really set the tone.

Another one bites the dust– Cap off the night with a fitting song from Queen!

Long, long way from home– I had to edit this one in. I think I could do it some justice.

So that should do it. 8 songs (9 if you count the bonus). No idea if I can sing that many without blowing my vocal chords. I think practice is in order. Will you plan yourself a karaoke night? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!


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2 Responses to Plan your karaoke playlist

  1. You have great taste, I love to sing these songs.

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