This week in Naxxramas: Arachnid Quarter

Hey folks! Welcome to This week in Naxxramas! Let’s take a look at the new Hearthstone expansion and what will be waiting for you!

First of all you need to download the patch, after that, you simply click on “Solo Adventures” right in the middle of the main menu.

Solo Adventures

Solo Adventures, opens up Naxxramas or Practice mode.

Then you want to select “Normal” to do battle in the Arachnid Quarter with one of the new bosses.

Welcome to naxx

Welcome to Naxx!

Now you are ready for your first boss, Anub’Rekhan.


Hopefully you don’t have a fear of spiders!

You then get to select which deck you wish to use against them. Don’t worry if you don’t win your first time out. It takes a little bit to figure out what you are up against. The Naxx UI is a little different than practice UI, which will always take down any minion you have on the board. All three bosses are fairly minion dependent too. That is all I will say on that, in case you want to figure it out on your own!

choose your hero

Choose which hero you will face each boss of Naxxramas with!

Mild spoilers ahead–defeating Anub’Rekhan unlocks your first 2 Naxx cards,

Haunted creeper unlocked

The Haunted Creeper, which went right into my Hunter deck, thank you. It’s a 1/2 beast that when killed, spawns two little 1/1 spiders. So much fun! You are now ready to take on boss #2, good luck!

Faerlina Reward

After defeating the Grand Widow Faerlina, you get your next two cards, Nerub’ar Weblord. A 1/4 minion that makes playing a minion with Battlecry (2) more mana. Now you get to face the “big boss” Maexxna,

Maexxna Defeated

Defeating Maexxna unlocks the Nerubian Egg, and 0/2 minion that has a nifty Deathrattle–summon a 4/4 Nerubian. You also get the legendary card, Maexxna for unlocking the Arachnid Quarter. Pretty good haul if you ask me. Maexxna is a 2/8 beast that destroys any card it damages. You also unlock Class Challenges, which give you the opportunity to earn a new class card for the class you complete it with!

Class challenges unlocked

Druid and Rogue class challenges unlocked!

They give you a pre-made druid deck and you must defeat one of the Naxx bosses to complete this challenge. Easier said than done! Doing so, unlocks the Poison Seeds class card. A 4 mana spell that destroys all minions and replaces them with a 2/2 treant.

Druid challenge completed

Defeating the Rogue challenge gives you the Anub’ar Ambusher, a 5/5 minion with Deathrattle. Upon death, it sends a friendly minion back into your hand.

Dey go boom!

So head on over to Naxxramas and go unlock the new cards and challenges!

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