What the Darwin Barney designation could mean

Tuesday night, the Cubs designated  infielder, Darwin Barney for assignment. Which means the veteran has 10 days to be traded, released, or waived. Barney, a nifty infielder who has been struggling at the plate, will hopefully find a home with a team ready to win. So what does this mean for the current roster?

First of all, I wish Darwin nothing but the best. Like most Cubs fans, he is a favorite of mine. I will not forget the stellar gold glove season he has in 2012, one of the bright spots in this rebuilding period. Barney will likely catch on with a team that needs some solid defense and is poised to make a playoff run. Which is good for him, but what does this mean for the 2014 Cubs? What does it mean going forward?

Immediately, it makes room for recent call up, Arismendy Alcantara who has been a bit of a spark-plug for the Cubs offense and seems to be able to play 2B and CF with a decent proficiency. He had a nice little Home Run on Tuesday that nearly left the park. It also clears the way for potential call-up, Javy Baez who has been playing 2B in AAA ball. Baez has been in the Cubs system for 4 seasons now and looks like he could be called up as soon as September 1 when rosters expand.

It also may signify the end of the Cubs “tanking” to get more draft picks. The Cubs have been collecting prospects for the last 3 seasons, it’s time to start playing them. Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro are both showing they are solid, if not All-Star capable players. The future is now and it looks to be a bright one. We may even see the Cubs go after David Price which has made his interest known playing for the Cubs and winning here would be, “The coolest”. The “price could be right”, the time could be now. We should find out as it gets closer to the MLB trade deadline.

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