Are we too critical when it comes to WoW?

Matthew Rossi brought up a good point on last Fridays “The Queue” over at WoW Insider about us as a community taking out our frustrations at the wrong people. I fully agree with this. It makes me wonder if we are simply being too critical of Blizzard when it comes to Warcraft.

I myself have been in kind of a downward spiral when it comes to Warlords of Draenor. Everything from no flying until 6.1 to the $10 price hike for the expansion, to how the information was being slowly put out. I have been very critical of these things. Then, something changed. I got a simple tweet back from @muffinus that brought me back to reality. I wrote about it last week. Something small like a fun holiday getting an update or a new model in beta is all that it took. Maybe it was because I started my Friday early with a cold beverage? I don’t know. I am quite glad it happened though.

worgen snow leopard

Perhaps a new druid form will take you to your “happy place”?

Many people have noticed even in places that have been overwhelmingly positive, (WoW Insider and Twitter) contempt and negativity have been taking over. I will admit, Blizzard is a little guilty here. What I don’t like to see is that the CM’s and developers are taking the brunt of the criticism. I’m pretty sure they are working as hard as they can to get out a quality product. Just like in sports, sometimes the harder you press, the harder you try, the harder it is to produce. We may never know what the delay has been, obviously something has gone awry.

So hopefully, you can find something in the beta or some cool news that has come across Twitter or your favorite fan site, to soften your stance. I am thankful that I did. I feel like myself again. The dude abides!

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4 Responses to Are we too critical when it comes to WoW?

  1. Astalnar says:

    We are far from being critical enough. It is shameful that when we catch them lying, like they were in case of Tanaan Jungle, we just take a nod and move on, thinking they had reasons. Since when is lying something we should tolerate?
    Since when should we as their loyal consumers just forgive and forget?

    I gave them enough leeway as it is. But when they lie, I will draw the line and criticise to no end until they correct their ways. It doesn’t help that they will never admit they were lying in the first place. Saying it was a miscommunication.

    How can a slide from Blizzcon, saying “7 New Zones” be called a miscommunication. When all the surrounding islands that were meant as later on content, had their names hidden, and only names that were shown were of the 7 zones. Tanaan among the 7.

    • oxxo910 says:

      When someone wants to hold them accountable to everything they mention at BlizzCon, I would say that proves the point of my article.

      • Astalnar says:

        It’s actually not about everything they mention at Blizzcon. It is about them lying.

        You can choose which lie they told yourself. They either lied back at Blizzcon about Tanaan, or they lied now about the decision about Tanaan being made even prior to Blizzcon.
        The logic dictates It can be either one or the other, it can’t be both.

        They say a lot of things on Blizzcon, announce many of the features that later on just disappear, but this is a clear case of them lying, and trying to present it as something they intended for a long time.

        Some people will say forgive and forget, I believe such attitude only breeds more bad behaviour from Blizzard. And that, I would love to avoid in future.

        I want Blizzard to be honest, open, and up-front. Not shady liars.

      • oxxo910 says:

        I’m not going to condone lying, but it’s kind of part of the PR thing. Them raising the price of the expansion? I don’t remember why they said they did it, but it’s obvious they are trying to make some money back up.
        Part of the problem is they try to be 100% transparent and in doing so, it doesn’t give them much wiggle room. So yeah, any business out there is going to lie at some point. It’s just how it is. Again, I don’t condone it. I’ll call it out if/when I see it and move on.

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