Imagine: Stromgarde Keep as a PvP area

Welcome back to Imagine! This week we shall discus making Stromgarde Keep a world PvP area!

**Too bad this was not an actual Scenario. It does show that they might have been giving the idea some thought. Maybe they will see my post and make it happen?**

There could be a month long campaign in which both sides quest to build resources as we move closer to the epic battle for control. A scenario for the PvE folks, then a portal would open to the new Stromgarde Keep PvP area. It could be similar to Tol Barad. One thing I would do, I would open it up to players from level 35 on. It would be an instanced BG from 35 to 90. The Max level bracket would be the Tol Barad-esque area: Open-World PvP.

Obviously this would require a lot of resources and would not be a part of the direct expansion story, but could come at the end of an expac when there would be less to do for a period of time. It would also keep us engaged on our beloved Azeroth, which I think is important to keep us focused and grounded.

What do you think? Would it work? Would you be interested? Could this make you think about PvPing? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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