What is your favorite Warcraft patch?

This is a subject that is brought up now and again. As we wait for the next Warcraft patch, I thought, why not bring it up and reminisce a little.

I started in Wrath, where many people speak fondly of Ulduar. The raid and the patch that brought it. I was still leveling, I might not have even decided on a main yet, which would be my dranei paladin, Oxxo. The silly guy was wearing mix-matched gear as he plodded along to max level. This is probably my favorite Wrath patch since it brought us the Argent Tournament. I remember people talking about jousting. Either you loved it or you hated it. I had no idea what it was yet. I did cash in on the talent reset and finally stop putting talents into all three trees to “try stuff out”. Settled on protection and happily threw my shield at my enemies!

With the announcement of new race-class combinations for Cataclysm, we learned there would be playable Shaman for dwarves. This got me really, really excited. I went out and made a dwarf warrior named Noxx, to save it for my future shaman. It was a play on Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox, who was quite speedy. When patch 4.0 came out, making the shaman was my first goal. The new race-class combos was probably my favorite feature of the new expansion. I would later on make a druid worgen and a tauren paladin. It’s close, but I would have to say at the time the patch actually went live, this would be my favorite.

Patch 4.3 would probably be my runner up. The introduction of the Transmogrification feature and the new Darkmoon Island changed the game for me on many levels. As an altoholic, it gave me a lot to work on including another way to purchase heirloom gear.

Honorable mention would go to patch 3.3.5 which brought us Operation Gnomeregan and Echo Isles. So how about you, do you have a favorite patch? Feel free to list it in the comments down below!

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