5 Observations from Bears Family Fest

I got the privilege last night to check out the Bears at Soldier Field go through a few drills. It’s not a real practice, the defense was definitely not as intense as they would be. Having said that, there were still some things that stuck out.

1. Jay Cutler is far above the rest of the QBs in camp. His accuracy and arm strength were very apparent. The only one stopping Jay last night, was Jay.

2. Chris Williams is probably the favorite at Kick Returner. He’s really quick. As a receiver he had no problem beating one on one coverage all night. I’m not 100% sure, but I hope the defense had instructions not to “press” so the fans would be entertained. I’ll find out next Sunday when I go down to Bourbannais.

3. Adrian Wilson is HUGE. I never realized how big he was. At 6’3″ and 230+ pounds, he looks like a Linebacker out there. If he can stay healthy, he is going to bring a much needed presence to the back end of the Bears defense.

4. The fans love Matt Forte, they really love him. Which is good. He got the loudest cheers on Saturday night from the estimated 27,000 in the crowd. 2nd year Head Coach, Marc Trestman got some pretty loud cheers himself. Overall, the fans showed a lot of love for the starters.

5. Pat O’Donnell is as advertised. He routinely showed a strong leg and boomed a few punts. One went from around the Bears 12 to the opponents 20 yard line. I know he’s a punter, but the kid is huge and could be a big factor in 2014 and beyond.

There was a mini-scuffle after Eric Weems scored a TD late in the exhibition and was hit in the endzone. It was quickly diffused, but it does show you that this year’s defense is more aggressive and ready to hit people. You’d like it not to be your own people. That will happen next Friday as the Bears will open up the pre-season at home vs Philadelphia.

If you missed the chance to go down there you can check out the highlights shown on Chicagobears.com!

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