Tough break for Wilson and Bears

Literally. Marquess Wilson put in a lot of work this offseason. He went down to Florida to work out with Bears wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Marshall has taken him under his wing, the same way he took Alshon under his wing last off-season. That paid off huge for Jeffery, Josh McCown and the Bears. Everyone was hoping to see a similar outcome for Marquess.

Unfortunately, Wilson caught a bad break as he laid out for a deep pass from Jay Cutler and fractured his clavicle. He’s got youth on his side and he has put in the time to prepare. Marquess is just in his second season, so while this is a huge setback, it’s not a career threatening injury. I feel bad for him, but I know his time will come.

In the meantime, the Bears have a few weapons in Marshall, Jeffery and Bennett to throw too and don’t forget, RB Matt Forte had 74 receptions for almost 600 yards last season. They also have a sleeper in WR Chris Williams who could emerge as the Kickoff Returner. At 5’8″ (listed height) he is much smaller than the quartet of tall receivers they had, but he is pretty quick and adds a different dimension once he catches the ball. They also have RB Jordan Lynch, who could emerge as an “H-back” in Trestman’s west coast style offense.

Hopefully Wilson can mend quickly and have a shot to come back in the playoffs, which is probably a long shot at this point. Clavicle injuries usually take at least 3 months to heal. With a month to work back into game-shape after that, maybe–just maybe he has a chance to come back in December at the earliest.

Edit: If you have any doubts about Marquess or his character, he spoke to reporters with his arm in a sling and vowed to be back this season. Whether it happens or not, this is encouraging to hear.

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3 Responses to Tough break for Wilson and Bears

  1. repgrind says:

    Oh crap. It is that time again, isn’t it? Only four weeks until my fantasy draft!

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