Which hero options would you like to see added to Hearthstone?

Commenter Arthonos had this great idea in Wednesday’s The Queue. I thought it would make a great post, especially with all the Hearthstone talk and their first expansion releasing. So what about it? Which Heroes would we like?

choose your hero

Choose your hero!

I am all for options. I would like to see at least one horde and alliance option for each class offered. I’m kind of surprised there hasn’t been more talk of adding new heroes so far. So in no particular order, here we go!

Warrior- Varian would probably be a nice addition for the alliance. There have been many popular warriors in lore though. If I can’t have a dwarf hunter, I’ll take Muradin Bronzebeard of the Council of Three Hammers.

Warlock- I don’t really know of many warlocks in lore but I would love to see a gnome get in there. I have heard about this Mazur guy but have to say I don’t know much about him. I vote gnome though!

Hunter- Would it be too cheesy to nominate Hemmit Nesingway? I think it should be a dwarf. He’s not really tied to either faction, although the dwarves are pretty much an alliance only race. Vareesa Windrunner would be my non-dwarven choice.

Rogue- Garona might be the most popular horde rogue. I think Hearthstone is kind of orc-heavy, but my knowledge of horde rogues is not too extensive. Zul’jin maybe, if they want to add a troll to the mix. Valeera could be considered a horde rogue rather than neutral so maybe an alliance offering?

Shaman- Nobundo would make a good representative for an alliance shaman unless Dornaa pops up in lore and they decide to put her into the story.

Mage- Aethas Sunreaver had a big part in the horde store in Mists of Pandaria. He might be the most prolific mage next to Jaina, in the “still alive” category.

Druid- I think a Tauren would fit nicely, Maybe Hamuul Runetotem? We got to see him a little in Hyjal in the Cataclysm expansion.

Paladin- Sunwalker Dezco is probably the most famous champion on the horde side. I didn’t know much about him until recently. He’s my vote.

Priest- Sen’jin seems like a cool dude and he has a village named after him. He seems like a good representative of what a priest stands for and involved with Thrall when he came to Durotar.

Monk- I don’t necessarily want or need monks in Hearthstone, but they are a class in Warcraft. Having said that, Chen Stormstout would probably be the consensus, but I wouldn’t mind them thinking outside the box. A lot of people hate Taran Zhu, so he might not make a popular choice. Li Li Stormstout would be neat but could be too lighthearted?

Deathknight- Not currently a Hearthstone class either, but probably the next class if they add one. Koltira Deathweaver would probably be the favorite. I could see Thassarian or even Darion Mograine as the hero.



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One Response to Which hero options would you like to see added to Hearthstone?

  1. Dobablo says:

    Is like to see some optional hero choice but I’d also like to see those heroes have different abilities just to add variety. Maybe the new warrior could have a one turn taunt or the rogue gets a dodge (ignores next attack).

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