Changing up your main for Warlords?

A couple new things have come to light in the past few days that are making me think (and rethink) my position on leveling my “main” in Warlords. The real problem is, my main is my trusted protection paladin, Oxxo. He has been first to level cap in Wrath, Cataclysm and Mists. He goes out and does the dirty work and makes the 2nd time around easier for my alts. With the new hunter pets and the limited time raid and battleground for WoW’s 10th anniversary though, I’m not sure I want him for those.

First of all, he can’t tame any pets. Second of all, I’m not too great at paladin melee. Lastly, I suck at PvP with a paladin. Which brings me to this dilemma. Now, I have a hunter. I have several actually. I can PvP on them decently and dungeons and raids are easier for me on ranged classes. I was thinking of taking my lock through first for Warlords, simply because he is my “rep toon”. I am currently working on getting all the reps on him (note: I will probably never do Hydraxian Waterlords or Ravenholdt).


Oxxo gets things others can only dream about!

I have to get over the emotional attachment and the manufactured loyalty I have built up for this character. Which is hard, because Oxxo is, in essence, my virtual self. Or at least one of them. My hunter is part of me too, and a dwarf. It makes sense though. I can quickly pew-pew all the things, level up, hit the raid and BG and get the loots. I might not even feel that guilty. Heck, I will be riding a corehound and having a talbuk and/or clefthoof by my side!


Thaylen and Gojira in Exodar.

So what will you do? Stick with the main you have always been leveling with or level up a different character for Warlords? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments below!

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7 Responses to Changing up your main for Warlords?

  1. My main for TBC was druid bear, but even though I still have her and have kept reasonably up to date, I believe I’ll focus on my Enhance shaman, like I did in MoP, or my Disc/Shadow pries. Both Draenei. I can’t decide who would want to see the unsullied Draenor more.

  2. Emma says:

    I’ll be abandoning my beloved DK main because they are doing such a number on that class. T_T I just have to pick a new main now…who, like you, might wind up being my hunter. They’re getting some really cool stuff so far.

  3. repgrind says:

    I *plan* to keep my main, but, that could change in 6.0 when the class changes are implemented. I refuse to be negative about any of the changes until I’ve actually gotten my hands on them on live and tried them for myself. And even then … I shelved my then-alt paladin when they first introduced holy power, only to end up making an effort to get used to it when my friends needed a healer for Ulduar achievements and having it become my main ever since. So who knows, I can’t say for sure at this point. 🙂

  4. Fussypants says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with my mage for WoD. After the initial shock, the mage changes don’t appear to be too drastic, and she is my main after all (well, in spirit, maybe not in playtime at this point). She’s probably the best equip for PvP too, given as I play mainly healers.

    But then again… should I level my draenei first because lore? 😛

  5. Bugboy says:

    “I have to get over the emotional attachment and the manufactured loyalty I have built up for this character.”

    I know what you mean, and you’re fundamentally correct, but as far as this kind of thing goes, I’d urge you to read this post:

    Pike was one of the premier hunter bloggers back when, maybe the best one behind, of course, Big Red Kitty. And note BRK’s comment on that post; it’s the third one down. What I’m trying to say is that yes, this is a game, but you’re not the first player to become somewhat emotionally invested in your main, and it’s not abject silliness to do so.

    That said, after 4 xpacs, I’m finally switching mains for WoD myself, from my hunter main to…a prot pally, lol. The siren call of bog-standard walking stereotype human paladin has always rang strong for me, and I’m finally giving in. Blond? Check. Blue-eyed? Check. Everybody’s All-American holy crusader? You betcha. And even just levelling, I’m loving it. I’m in Northrend right now, and doing those quests on an Alliance toon, and a human pally to boot, has a special poignancy to it. I’ll let you know how things go when I get to Pandaland. =)

    • oxxo910 says:

      That’s cool. Paladins are fun, no doubt. Like I said in my post, it’s more about being able to do more with my first max level character than being bored with a class or wanting to try something new. Definitely feel free to come back and comment. It’s always good to hear from other players!

  6. g0rg0n says:

    Not impressed with death knight changes. Might go back to my rogue for all the PVP. Didn’t PVP at all in pandaria because it was crap.

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