What would you change your character’s dance to?

The Dance Studio™ keeps coming up now and again. It was asked about in last Wednesday’s The Queue at WoW Insider, which always prompts some good conversation. Especially when they choose to answer it the next day! So a commenter, Rode_and_Babe asked, “If you could change one race /dance into something else, whose would it be and to what?”

Not only do I like this question, I managed to find an actual dance I would use! Which now comes down to which race, right? Slam dunk! I would change the dwarven male’s dance. What? You thought I was going to go human male because old Duder is human? Bah! That’s exactly what they would think you wanted me to do! I saw through that. Actually, I am just bored with the dwarven dance. No offense.

I think a lot of the dances could/should be updated. Perhaps that is something for a later patch or future expansion. Now that they are getting the real tough parts out of the way with the new models and animations. Dances should not be far behind. They even joked about it when they were first previewing Garrisons and then there was this little gem that was datamined.

So what do you think? Would you update a dance of your favorite race or are you fine with what you got? It will only cost a raid tier! Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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