An outlet for depression

Like many people, I am no stranger to depression. It afflicts many of us. I am certainly no expert on the field, but I have become pretty good at keeping myself in good spirits. I think many who know me would say I am a happy-go-lucky type of person. I try to keep things light and positive. I think back to my first “episode” with depression. I was probably 12 years old. It was the night before I had to return to school after the Christmas break. I was watching TV and all of a sudden I got sad. I cried. I felt lonely and a little empty inside. I had no real outlet, and the feelings passed.

Later on, when I was about 20, I started writing. It was just poetry/lyrics but I quickly learned to channel my feelings into words. Writing has become not only an outlet but a passion of mine. I am lucky to be able to have this weapon in my arsenal. For some reason it is more acceptable for writers, poets and singers to sing about their troubles than just your regular folks. I’m not judging, just making an observation.

I love music and movies and use them as tools to help perk up my mood from time to time. The type of music can range anywhere from Metallica to enya. My feel good movies include favorites such as “Princess Bride”, the “Lethal Weapon” series or perhaps “Austin Powers”. Comedies usually work pretty good.

Bottom line is, even when you are feeling pretty good, you should treat yourself to a “mental health” day now and then. Planned or unplanned. I know it’s hard these days. Time seems to always be fleeting. We seem to get busier and busier with each passing year. Find an outlet if you don’t have one. It can be productive or relaxing or both. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to breech the subject if you feel you need someone to lean on.

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3 Responses to An outlet for depression

  1. oxxo910 says:

    I wrote this last week and in light of the news of Robin Williams death, I made the tough decision to post this. It is kind of a departure from my usual happy and light writing. My hope is that there is a chance that it opens the conversation for someone to either get help or take steps to make changes in their lives to better cope with this difficult adversary. You are not alone, as dark as things may be. Everyone else is not all rainbows and kittens, no mater how happy they seem or how “perfect” their life appears.
    As I stated in my post, I am no expert. I am just sharing my own experiences and what I do to snap out of it.

  2. repgrind says:

    That is good advice. I have struggled with depression in the past myself. But take time for yourself to do things that you enjoy and have some happy things that lift your mood. You know what always works for me? Polkas. I know, I know … but really, is there any happier music in the world? Oh, and my dog … dogs are great therapy! It’s hard to be down when he’s around.

    • oxxo910 says:

      That’s great! Not about the depression but about polkas. I’m not sure many people could remain unhappy with that music on. Dogs and pets are good too. Something about that connection. Pet’s don’t care about our hangups, they love unconditionally. That is as long as we feed them and pet them!

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