Do you have a signature pet for your hunter?

I am kicking around the idea of leveling my hunter first in Warlords. Now, my hunter is usually my 2nd or 3rd alt I level up. In Cata, I think he was second, along with my DK who I slowly leveled with mining until it was “his turn”. I think he was second in Mists too. It’s all kind of fuzzy now. Anyways, with the new tamable hunter pets announced, I was thinking I need those sooner than later. I was also thinking, hey, my hunter does not have a signature pet! This should change.

I usually stick to tank pets, but you don’t really need a tank pet now that any pet can be any “role”. My hunter, Thaylen is usually a survival hunter. He has BM as an offspec, more so he can get those exotic pets. Although, BM was pretty fun during Mists. He even tamed one of those spirit beasts from Cata, the owl from hyjal. That might be his signature pet if he was a BM. Either that or Gojira, his purple corehound from Azuremyst Isle.


Thaylen with Lovebites in Ironforge.

Now, I don’t go totally crazy like most hunters and try and tame everything. I do have my share. Which you think would make it easier to narrow down one pet to be my signature pet, right? Nope. Not even close. In fact, the 3-5 pets I keep with me changes all the time. I like to have at least 1 “PvP” pet (one that has a decent crowd control ability). For a while I had “Lovebites” (named after the Def Leppard song) who had 2 excellent PvP abilities. A stun and a sting that made it impossible for a player to stealth for a period of time. It was great for rogues and druids. Well, they nerfed that ability so now Lovebites has been just a friend I take out now and then.

I also have a cool cat, Hysteria (named for another Def Leppard song :p). He would probably be my signature pet if all I did was PvE. Of course, then there is Coroná, the awesome turtle from Tanrais who’s sea blue coloring reminds me of the water (and Corona commercials–hence the name!). I love that turtle. So, the problem is me, and my inability to commit to a signature pet. With these new pets though, a clefthoof or a talbuk, I could totally see myself having one of those as my main. At least for Warlords.

How about you? Do you have a signature pet or are you as crazy as I am and keep switching? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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2 Responses to Do you have a signature pet for your hunter?

  1. Erinys says:

    All my hunters have multiple canines, this usually includes multiple wolf skins and those lovely dogs which used to be demons but are now beasts. I do try and tame different pets on different characters though but my Worgen Hunter has a stable which is almost entirely full of dogs and wolves. I am of course looking forward to increasing my wolf collection in Draenor.

  2. Bugboy says:

    Carnifex the black lion and Eburnus the white lion. Both are old Roman cognomen. The fun of looking up those names and discovering what they mean is left as an exercise for the reader. =)

    I first started playing back when we had only three (!) stable slots, and you, the hunter, had to learn your pets’ skills from animals in the wild, then teach them to your pet. I had no clue that you had to do this, until, when levelling through Jintha’alor, circa level 45, I happened upon a hunter who was trying to learn a skill from one of the wolves in there. Talk about fortunate. This guy took an evening to basically school me in Hunter 101 and then some – and pointed me toward (the url was different at the time), the web clearinghouse for all things hunter pets. I started looking through all the various then-tameable animals, and saw those two beauties. I had to have them.

    Fortunately, I hadn’t yet done the lvl 15 quest in the Barrens that spawns one of the two white lions in the game (other is a quest in Winterspring), so I got Ebby quickly. Carni was a different matter. At the time, the only version of him was Humar the Pridelord, a rare spawn on the bluffs above Ratchet, who’s still there, but is on an 8-hour respawn timer. It took five days of logging in and out of Ratchet every single time I logged, and I consider myself fortunate that it ONLY took 5 days, lol.

    And six plus years on, they remain my two signature pets, through thick and thin, and despite the fact that I’ve rounded out my stable with all the pets I need for raid buffs, plus other pets I wanted. The only time I had to leave them behind was from tiers 8 through 10 (ICC), when Bliz made it so that the wolf’s buff at the time was the best pet buff in the game. As such, I completed my crowning achievement thus far in the game, defeating the Lich King, without them )’=. But, I already had a wolf in my stable at the time, Serranus the Bloodmaul Battle Worg, and I became very affectionate of him too through that time.

    Serranus is still with us of course, and I use him a decent amount too, but Carnifex and Eburnus remain my go-to pets, and always will. Just beautiful, beautiful lions.

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