My new favorite band: Foster the People

I heard the song “Coming of age” on the radio one day and immediately had to look up who sang this wonderful song. “Foster the People”. Even though they have been around since 2009-10 I have never really heard them–if I did, I didn’t catch the name of the band, which happens a lot and it drives me crazy.

coming of age- The above mentioned song and video is a throwback to me. It reminds me of many bands I loved in the 80s, which is probably why I like them. Some of my other favorite “newer” artists such as 3 doors down and Coldplay remind me of 80s music too. I’m detecting a trend here. The video seems to be an homage to Rocky, Karate Kid and possibly terminator.

Helena beat– A cool video, which seems to have a “Mad Max” meets “Lord of the flies” theme to it. I love the gritty almost grunge vibe it has to it.

Pumped up kicks– I think I have heard this song before. Kind of has a dark message to it.

Houdini– Really neat video that takes a bit of a poke at “boy bands”. Starts out with a beat similar to David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”

Pseudologia fantastica– A really “trippy” blend of old Beatles videos and “Fantasia”. The song has a hypnotic quality to it too.

It’s bands like Foster the People that redeems my faith in the younger generation’s ability to make good music and music videos. I salute you guys, keep doing what you do!

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