Curse of Naxxramas: Military Quarter

This week we review the Military Quarter of the Hearthstone expansion: Curse of Naxxramas. 3 more bosses and 6 more wonderful cards!

Razuvious and 2 minions

Instructor Razuvious.

Instructor Razuvious is a prickly little pickle. He starts out with 40 health and 2 0/7 taunts, which you can claim as yours, if you are so inclined to do so. I will let you figure out the rest on your own.

razuvious defeated

Defeating Razuvious rewards you with the Dancing Swords card. A 4/4 minion that grants your opponent a card upon it’s demise. For 3 mana, that’s not bad.

Gothik the Harvester

Next up is Gothik the Harvester. Gothik has a hero power that adds a card for 2 mana. In addition to that, many of his minions come back to haunt you.

Gothik defeated

Defeating Gothik the Harvester rewards you with access to the Spectral Knight cards. A 4/6 minion which cannot be targeted by hero powers or spells. A beefier version of the Faerie Dragon, which is referenced in it’s flavor text! Not bad for 5 mana!

The four horseman

The Four Horsemen!

The Four Horsemen is quite interesting. Starts out with 3 of the horsemen on the board, who are 1/7 minions. The catch? The 4th horseman is in a protective shield. The only way to get it down is to, well, I am not going to ruin the fun for you!

The four horseman defeated

Defeating the 4 Horsemen unlocks the Deathlord card, a 2/8 minion with Taunt and a Deathrattle that puts a card from your opponents deck onto their board. All for 3 mana! Kind of makes you want to silence him doesn’t it?

Baron Rivendare unlocked

Completing the Military Quarter rewards you with Baron Rivendare (the 4th Horseman!), a 1/7 Legendary card that allows your cards with Deathrattle to be triggered twice! Tricky.

Shaman and Warlock challenges unlocked

It also opens up the Shaman and Warlock class challenges.

Reincarnate unlocked

Completing the Shaman class challenge rewards you with the Reincarnate card, a 2 mana spell that destroys a minion and brings it back to life with full health. Very interesting, especially if it has a Deathrattle.

Voidcaller unlocked

Completing the Warlock class challenge unlocks the Voidcaller card. A 3/4 minion that costs 4 mana to play and has a Deathrattle which places a random demon from your hand into the battlefield.

This ends this week’s Curse of Naxxramas review. If you have missed the previous two, you can check them out here:  Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter. Stay tuned for the Construct Quarter!

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