Bears vs Seahawks review: Don’t panic!

Friday night’s preseason game between the Bears and Seahawks was a little one-sided. Okay, it was a lot one-sided, but a few plays here or there and, well, who knows. This is why they play preseason football. Still, I thought the Bears moved the ball well on the defending champs at times.

I also think the Seahawks got the benefit of a few calls early that changed the tempo of things. Especially the borderline Personal Foul on Briggs that took a 2nd and 19 (would have been 3rd and at long) and gave them a first down. Drew Brees got hit exactly the same but didn’t draw a flag. There was also an Offensive Pass Interference on Brandon Marshall that was well within 5 yards (ball was not in the air) that nullified a TD to Dante Rosario. The outcome of that was ultimately a turnover.

The good: The Bears got out with no major injuries to key players. Jared Allen and Chris Williams not playing was a little surprising. It almost seemed like there was a message being sent, and that message was: don’t get hurt. Chris Conte looked good at Safety until he left the game with a possible concussion. Willie Young had some nice pressure, including a sack. The offensive line held up well in pass protection, including giving Jay Cutler time to throw on many 3rd and long situations. The Bears should have tied the game up at 7 but Alshon Jefferey dropped a TD pass. It was a tough catch but he usually makes those.

The bad: Seattle was able to march down the field, seemingly at will, and cap their drives off with TDs. Even though Jared Allen and Kyle Fuller didn’t suit up, it’s still a little concerning. The first team rushing looked bad. It seemed like they got away from involving Matt Forte much after his first carry for 11 yards. Almost like they didn’t want him getting hurt, which plays into my theory.

The ugly: Jay Cutler threw a red-zone pick when he tried to squeeze the ball in to Devin Aromashodu Josh Morgan. Seriously. I had a flashback. Every time I think Cutler has outgrown the habit, bam! There he goes again. This was a really bad sign, but better to get it out of the way when the loss doesn’t count. The special teams unit looked anything but special.

In addition to all that, I think for the most part the Bears failed to answer many of their major questions. I’m not as worried as some about the defense as a whole. I think it will take a few games for them to settle in. We haven’t really seen what the Defensive line can do with Allen starting. They were still able to get good pressure on most plays. The Linebackers are probably my biggest concern. My second major concern would be overall health/depth.

Lastly, because this game was so challenging, I think the coaching staff can take away a lot from it and make some adjustments.

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