5 QBs to watch out for

Everyone knows about the top 5 QBs. Those are pretty easy. Picking ones from the next batch can sometimes be a little more challenging. Last year, I waited until the mid-rounds (5-10) to select a couple QBs. Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick. I looked like a genius after week one, when Kaepernick went off. Not so much after that. I still had Luck, which was fortunate. The draft is more and art than science.

Your rankings may depend on what kind of league you are in, so always keep that in mind. My league is a custom scoring league that awards 1 point for every 25 passing yards, 10 points for every rushing/receiving and 6 points for all Touchdowns.

Jay Cutler, Bears- Not sure any QB out there has a better 4 targets to throw to. in 2013, he and Josh McCown threw for 4,400+ yards and 32 touchdowns. If Jay can play 15-16 games, he should be in for his best season as a pro.

Russell Wilson- Just having a healthy Percy Harvin should impact Wilson’s stats greatly. I would say to the tune of 800-1000 yards and 5-6 more TDs over what he did in 2013. Harvin should open things up in both facets of the offense.

Andy Dalton- Dalton and AJ Green have been together 3 years and put up some nice numbers. Mohamed Sanu looks to pick up the slack if Marvin Jones is out. TEs Gresham and Eifert are worthy targets as well. 2nd year RB Giovani Bernard and rookie RB Jeremy Hill are threats out of the backfield.

Joe Flacco- Adding Steve Smith to the list of targets is going to be huge for Flacco. They already look to be having some decent chemistry and it’s pretty hard to overthrow the veteran receiver–even at 35! Torry Smith and a healthy Dennis Pitta gives Flacco a legitimate 3 targets to pick from.

Matt Cassel, Vikings- Cassel has put his clamps on the starting QB job and I don’t foresee him letting go. He has a nifty target in Cordarrelle Patterson and a steady TE in Kyle Rudolph. You might not even have to draft Cassel if you play in a 10 team league (unless you have Vikings fans in your draft!). At the very least you should be able to take him in the back end (10-15) of your draft.

Honorable mention:

Matt Ryan, Falcons- Ryan actually put up some decent numbers last season without having Julio Jones or a healthy Roddy White for the majority of it. They added Jake Mathews to the offensive line, so that should help him out a lot.

Phillip Rivers- Rivers enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in 2013 and with Keenan Allen coming into his 2nd year as a pro, I expect him to put up even bigger numbers in 2014. TE Ladarius Green is young and very mobile. Don’t forget about the steely veteran Antonio Gates who all of a sudden can do lots of damage as the focus slides off of him.


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