Bears average age is 26.7, but that’s not the scary part

A lot is being made of the Bears average age of 26.7 years, but that’s not even the scary part. The fact that out of 22 starters only 8 are under 28, including 27 year old Martellus Bennett at Tight End. Much ado about nothing or cause for concern?

I Think the Bears will play better on both sides of the ball then they did in 2014, but for how long? QB Jay Cutler has had his share of time lost due to injury. No doubt he is a tough guy, but he will need some good fortune to play 15-16 games in 2014. If he does, I think he will be headed for his 2nd Pro Bowl.

Here’s a look at the starters who are 28 or older:

QB: Cutler, 31

RB: Forte, 28

FB: Fiametta, 28

LT: Bushrod, 30

LG: Slaussen, 28

C: Garza, 35

WR: Marshall, 30

WR: Holmes, 30

WR: Morgan, 31

DE: Allen, 32

DE: Young, 28

DT: Ratliff, 33

CB: Tillman, 33

CB: Jennings, 30

S: Mundy, 29

That’s a whopping 15 possible* starters out of 22. One of the younger players, 2nd year WR Marquess Wilson broke his collarbone the first week of training camp. I’m pumping the brakes a little, but I still feel the Bears have a good shot to compete to win the division. I have the team going 11-5. Unfortunately for them, the Packers looked really good on offense in the preseason. Head coach Mike McCarthy wants to run 75 offensive plays a game, and so far, they were on pace to do it.

The Bears will need a little luck this year to stay healthy. If they can do that, they should be in for a championship run. If not, maybe they can go back and do it all over?

*depending on personnel grouping


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One Response to Bears average age is 26.7, but that’s not the scary part

  1. Bugboy says:

    Some cause for concern, yes, but remember that the term “defensive starter” is nominal at best these days; all defenses rotate players in and out on a play-by-play basis now. That should at least keep the older defensive guys healthy.
    As for the offense…good QBs can usually play forever (well, into their late 30s anyway, which is forever in football terms), so I wouldn’t worry about injury with Cutler due to age, but rather just because of his propensity to get injured. Six of one, half a dozen of the other, I know. Forte should still have at least 2 or 3 years of tread left on the tire. O-line, age isn’t too bad except for Garza of course, but even then, O-line guys can generally play well into their 30s as well.
    If I was worried about anyone, it’d be the receivers, especially Holmes. Big-play guys like him tend to lose their productivity along with their speed. Possession receivers like Marshall though, should be okay.

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