3 players every fan should know: NFC edition

You get invited to watch the game with friends or family, you want to be social and converse, but you don’t have the time to really research it. What do you do? Don’t panic. I have you covered!

Nobody wants to be “that guy” (or gal) who puts their foot in their mouth and asks about a player that has been retired or traded to another team. So let me take you around the league and let you know about your teams stars, so you have a starting point at least. I’ll give you at least 3, and sometimes a couple extra, for those eager students!

Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan is your star Quarterback. Roddy White and Julio Jones are the two stud Wide Receivers. If you really want to impress, Devin Hester is the former Chicago Bears special teams player who could end up in the Hall of Fame. Jake Mathews was added via the draft to help keep Ryan vertical.

Arizona Cardinals- Patrick Peterson is your shut-down Cornerback. Larry Fitzgerald is the steady WR. Former Bengals and Raiders QB, Carson Palmer is your passer.

Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton is your star QB. Tight End Greg Olsen is his #1 target and Kelvin Benjamin is the rookie WR who replaced the departed Steve Smith.

Chicago Bears- Jay Cutler is the ‘gunslinging’ QB. Brandon Marshall is the charismatic WR and Matt Forte is the rock solid Running Back. Cornerback Kyle Fuller is their #1 draft pick, for the advanced students.

Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo is your star QB. Dez Bryant is the All-Pro WR and Jason Witten is the reliable TE. Zach Martin is the first round draft choice Jerry Jones decided to take over Johnny “Football” Manziel. Jones also came out and said he regretted not taking the QB who went later on in the draft to the Cleveland Browns.

Detroit Lions- Mathew Stafford is the strong-armed QB. Calvin Johnson (Megatron) is the best WR in the league. Ndamukong Suh is the bad boy and often penalized Defensive Tackle. Your new coach is former Colts head coach, Jim Caldwell. Rookie TE Eric Ebron was your #1 draft pick.

Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers is your MVP Quarterback. Clay Mathews is your pass-rush specialist and Eddie Lacy is your 2nd year Running Back.

Minnesota Vikings- Adrian Peterson is your future Hall of Fame RB. Kyle Rudolph is your pass catching TE. Cordarrelle Patterson is your speedy and versatile second year WR. Former Cincinnati Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer is your new Head coach.

New Orleans Saints- Drew “breezy” Brees is your future Hall of Fame and MVP QB. Jimmy Graham is your slam-dunking Prow-Bowl TE. Marques Colston is the cagey veteran pass catcher. Your #1 pick is speedy WR Brandon Cooks, who has a chance to break all the rookie records for his position.

New York Giants- Eli Manning is your Superbowl winning QB. Victor Cruz is the salsa-dancing WR. Rashad Jennings is the ex-Raider RB and Odell Beckham is your #1 draft pick. Another speedy WR for Eli to throw interceptions towards–HEYO!

Philadelphia Eagles- Nick Foles is the accurate passer. LaSean “Shady” McCoy is the MVP RB of many a fantasy football champion. Jerry Maclin is your oft injured WR. Marcus Smith is your first round LB.

San Francisco 49ers- Colin Kaepernick is your dual threat QB. Frank Gore is the stalwart RB. Vernon Davis is your dynamic TE. 2nd round RB Carlos Hyde will be one to watch as he is the heir to Frank Gore’s RB throne.

Seattle Seahawks- As the Superbowl Champions, you already know everything Seahawks of course! Just in case you just moved their or jumped on the bandwagon, Russel Wilson is your double-threat QB. Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch is your powerful RB. Richard Sherman is your brash and chatty “shut-down” CB.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Former Bears QB Josh McCown is your passer. Vincent Jackson is your bigtime WR. 3rd year RB Doug Martin is your primary rusher. Former Bears Head Coach, Lovie Smith now patrols your sidelines. Rookie WR Mike Evans is your tall #1 draft pick.

Check out the AFC version


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