What is your oldest achievement in Warcraft?

A twitter buddy tweeted out a question the other day, which made me think, what is my oldest achievement? I had to go through a few of my oldest characters to figure it out. I was actually surprised that my oldest achievement was the day I started playing Warcraft.


Shakakhan hit level 10 the first day I started playing Warcraft on my “paid” account.

January 11th, 2009. A day that will go down, not so much in infamy, but it was a cool day. Thing is, I don’t remember a whole lot about that particular day. I had some time off because I was “in between jobs”, so I had lots of time to play. I remember certain things, like all the lights that were up. I was lucky to start during Lunar Festival, which was really neat.

Here’s the odd thing, the first character I ever made was my hunter. My friend and I started out on another server. He got confused, but realized it was not the one that his other characters were on. So we re-rolled on the one that is my “main” server today. Even though I re-rolled a hunter on that server, my mage was numero uno at the time. It was quickly thereafter that I learned how bad of a mage I was. I wandered off into Westfall at level 10 or 11, without my friend and died. A lot. This is when I re-rolled the hunter.

So that was it. Hitting level 10 on my first character on my paid account. Nowadays, I make sure to hit the barber when I make a new toon, so I have a record of when I made them. Looking back at some of my early characters, I didn’t find the barber shop for 6-8 months. Sometimes longer.

What was your oldest achievement in Warcraft? Do you remember it? Was it something epic or just simple, like hitting level 10? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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4 Responses to What is your oldest achievement in Warcraft?

  1. Level Whimsicality says:

    I have no idea. I was around when achievements got turned on, and there was a huge influx of achievement credit for prior activities.

  2. Bugboy says:

    Same as level. I would imagine that, retroactively figured, it would be hitting level 10 as well, though the day I created my first toon (who’s still my main, until WoD), the friend who convinced me to play ran me from Silvermoon to Thunder Bluff. Back then, if you remember, you had to learn weapons skills, and couldn’t learn them all in one city. TB was the only place hunters could learn guns, and my friend was an engineer who’d made me a gun so I’d have a decent weapon starting out. I was only level 3 when we did the run, so there may have been something in there that was an achiev. Tough to say.

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