We will rock you (or not)

You thought Roger Goodell was having a bad run lately? The NHL is taking a page out of the NFL (no fun league) handbook for diminishing entertainment as it will ban the “spin-o-rama” move on penalty shots and shootouts.

Now the shootout is a polarizing topic in and of itself, I happen to like it for a couple of reasons. 1. It ends the game. I have never played an 82 game season followed by 4 rounds of playoffs, but I would imagine that puts a lot of stress on the body. 2. Shootouts are pretty exciting. I mean, you play 60 minutes of hockey, followed by 5 more minutes of overtime and if the game is still tied, you want to play more hockey? These dudes are tired, just end it! It’s only for one point, have some mercy.

Not every team has a balls-out stickhandler like a Patrick Kane, who can undress a goalie like no other. By rule, they have every right to restrict the spin-o-rama which tends to stop the advance of the puck, if even for a split second. Does it slow play down anymore than some of the other shots though? If you watched the video posted above, you will see Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane almost come to a complete stop at times and wait for the goalie to sell out. I’m not sure this is much different.

My question is this: Do you want shootouts to carry on for 2-3 rounds or do you want them to end in excitement? Do you want to be rocked or gently lulled to sleep? It seems like they want the latter in eliminating the creativity of the shooter. Too bad.

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4 Responses to We will rock you (or not)

  1. Bugboy says:

    Indeed. If I had a dime for every time I saw Mario Lemieux wait a seemingly-impossible amount of time for the goalie to commit and then score, with far too many of those coming against the Devils…okay, he only had 800+ lifetime goals, so I wouldn’t be rich, but you get the idea. =) The spin-o-rama though…I’m not quite sure what it is they’re outlawing here. If you get a video and could post it, I’d appreciate. On the surface though, outlawing sounds ungood.

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