New favorite Artist: Laurel

Thanks to tweet from @neOnrebel, I was made aware of this young singer with a completely magical set of vocal chords. She sounds like a haunting combination of Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’riordan.

Shells- The above pictured video was the first song I heard by this brilliant young singer. Some people don’t like the video but I like it’s use of location.

Blue Blood– A song about finding love again after you have been hurt and probably numb to your feelings.

To the Hills– Laurel really shows of her range, and what a beautiful range it is. The video is a little funky, so maybe just click on something while you listen to it 😉

Firebreather– Another haunting song from the young siren. The video seems to be about two young folks trying to make it anyway they can, even if that means the young man getting involved with unsavory acquaintances. Sometimes I try not to analyze to much and enjoy things for what they are.

Crazy (Patsy Cline)– The young singer covers the famous Patsy Cline song and does a nice job. She takes it in another direction and puts her lovely yet haunting stamp all over it.

Edit: The Desert– Not sure how I missed this song. As haunting and beautiful as the rest of these–if not more so.

Hope you like this new artist as much as I do. Thanks again to neOnrebel for tweeting out the song, you never know what is going to make an impression on someone. Keep tweeting your music people!


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