Bears go to Santa Clara and take win from 49ers

If you are a fan of NFL football, you may have enjoyed a gem last night. The Chicago Bears went to Santa Clara (Levi’s Stadium) and took the game away from the 49ers. Normally I wouldn’t write about a team, even my Bears, “stealing” a game they had no business winning. They literally and figuratively took this one away.

The Bears were down 17-0 at one point before Jay Cutler lead the team for a late score in the 2nd quarter, with just 8 seconds left. It cut the lead back to just 10 points. It was huge. Even though San Francisco came out an held the ball almost 10 minutes in the 3rd, the Bears held them to a measly 3 points. The Bears answered with their second TD drive of the game and would go on to score two more TDs in the 4th quarter.

What makes this game so remarkable is the fact that Chicago came in with their top two Wide Receivers banged up. Brandon Marshall was nursing an ankle and Alshon Jefferey a hamstring. Marshall ended up catching 3 out of the 4 touchdowns and Jeffery drew a key penalty that lead to a score. In addition to that, QB Jay Cutler took a massive shot to the chest when a 49er defender speared him with his helmet. It drew a flag and it probably changed the game. It certainly seemed to wake the QB up and focus more after that.

The defense really rose to the occasion, making key stops, taking the ball away, and even sacking the elusive Colin Kaepernick a few times. I don’t know what this means for the rest of the season, but for one game it was impressive. Unfortunately, the Bears lost one of their veteran CBs and team leaders, Charles Tillman to a triceps injury. Tillman, who is on a one year contract, might have seen his last game as a Chicago Bear. If it is, it will be sad, but what a game to be a part of. The Bears usually go to the bay area and lay an egg. Last night, they won. Magnificently. Under a good amount of adversity.

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