Your favorite Warcraft ‘mob’

I was leveling my little (yes he’s a gnome) protection warrior in Borean Tundra the other day and I kind of stopped and took a look around. The Kvaldir are kind of a cool mob, all Viking-ish and everything. I think their style and design make them fun to go against. And by that I mean run around in circles and farm them because I am tired of being in the Outland. It also got me thinking, what is my favorite mob?


“Friendly” Murlocs in Borean Tundra. Nothing boring about that.

I like murlocs. Of course, I used to hate them. I mean, who didn’t. You beat one, he runs off and aggros 2-3 more. Before you know it you are corpse-running back. By this point the one you killed respawned. Ugh. I do love how dramatically they die though.

The defias bandits in Westfal used to be about the same. There was nothing dramatic in their death, but they used to run when they were almost dead and aggro more mobs. Usually a damn mage, who would stand well out of melee range of course and pew-pew your ass. That always used to be an early “coming of age” test. If you could survive Moonbrook, you knew your had your class down pretty good. Heirlooms and the Cataclysm redesign kind of ended that fun though.

Naga Protection War

A Naga protection warrior.

I hate the naga, mostly because half of them are ranged, which makes it really hard to gather them up and burn them down. I have since appreciated some of the newer models (like in Vashj’ir). Warcraft could use some proper lizard-men. Maybe if they ever do a Kul’tiras expansion.

The south sea pirate mobs are some of my favorite to kill. Partially because they look cool and partially because Booty Bay rep was like my first reputation I got outside of the main factions. I remember how happy I was when they turned from neutral yellow to friendly green 😉


Ethereal NPCs in the Outland.

Ethereal are probably my favorite mobs. I love their style and animations and funky techno-psychedelic architecture. Love to see them in the next expansion as a playable race.

Furbolgs are pretty cool too. I don’t like killing them all that much, they are kind of all big and fluffy. Similar with the moonkin mobs that are all over.

Do you have a favorite mob? Do you have a mob you love to kill and farm? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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