1st and 5

Week two came and went, we saw a record* number of injuries to key stars across the NFL. This will have an impact on the waiver wire for this week, and possibly the season.

QB: Kirk Cousins, Redskins- I can’t believe how much this resembles the Vick/Schaub situation. Cousins had no problems running Washington’s offense and could be the better fit. He certainly won’t have the rushing yards, but he could be good replacement for your injured or under-performing QB.

QB: Joe Flacco, Ravens- If you league is like mine (10 player league) Flacco is probably sitting on the waiver wire. He’s not a flashy QB, but with Steve Smith running around and making plays, his outlook is a little brighter. He also is rejuvenating the career of Owen Daniels, who caught a pair of TD catches last Thursday.

RB: Nile Davis, Chiefs- If you didn’t handcuff this RB or a person in your league did not, you might want to snag him up while Jamaal Charles nurses his ankle. Then again, Kansas City has looked really bad on offense so far.

RB: Danny Woodhead, Chargers- If no one in your league has Woodhead, he should get a lot more work with Ryan Matthews going down. Donald Brown could be an option in deeper leagues. Keep your eye on the situation.

WR: Mohamed Sanu, Bengals- AJ Green has a foot injury, leaving the door open for Sanu to shine. Sanu had a decent preseason and looks poised to fill in nicely, however without AJ to take two defenders, teams might send the extra defender his way. Look for TE Jermaine Gresham to pick up some of the slack too.

WR: James Jones, Raiders- With rookie QB Derek Carr running the show, it looks as if Jones will get a steady flow of passes headed his way. Jones is a veteran receiver and knows what to do with them. Temper your expectations, because as I said, Carr is a rookie QB.

TE: Niles Paul, Redskins- I will be honest, I have no idea where this dude came from. With Jordan Reed out, Paul was the beneficiary of a QB who knows to get the ball to his Tight End. He ate at the big table: 8 catches for 99 yards and a TD. Even with a healthy D-Jax and Garcon, there should be enough for Paul–as long as Reed is not starting.

TE: Larry Donnell, Giants- I’m kind of skeptical with anyone on the Giants right now, but Donnell is off to a consistent start for the G-men. It’s the Giants, so it’s kind of a dice roll.

D/ST: Buffalo Bills- It seems like every year (okay this and the last) I am saying to pick this D/ST up at some point. They held the Bears to 20 and Miami to 10. They are getting after the QB and forcing turnovers. Pick them up, especially if you were hoping the Chiefs or 49ers would be your bread winner.

 *I have no idea if it’s a record, but it sounded good, right?

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2 Responses to 1st and 5

  1. repgrind says:

    Bills captain Brandon Spikes himself told me that the D was going to be good this year. I should have listened.

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