The pride of Tallahassee

Unless you are a fan of NCAA college football, you might not know who Jameis Winston is. He is the star Quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles. He has also been arrested for shoplifting, accused of sexual assault and suspended for a half of this week’s game because he felt the need to stand on a table and shout vulgarities. As if he wasn’t getting quite enough attention. He is a class A jackass and the pride of Tallahassee. There is no way he should still be allowed to go to FSU, I mean, if they had any scruples or shame at all.

I’m not going to go over the ins and outs of his past transgressions, but seriously, he is under investigation for his part in a sexual assault that basically got swept under the rug. How he is escaping the scrutiny Roger Goodell and the NFL players are under, I will never know. Where is the pressure on the NCAA? Where is the pressure on Florida State University? A 2 quarter suspension for this clown is a little appalling. If I was the president, I’d have him booted so fast. I’d make sure he never played football in the state of Florida.

Of course the NCAA won’t do anything further about it because they are one of the most corrupt organizations in the United States (and probably Canada). If you need a whipping boy in light of everything that is going down in sports these days, I give you Jameis Winston–pride of Tallahassee!

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2 Responses to The pride of Tallahassee

  1. repgrind says:

    I guess things haven’t changed much since my college days. I would have hoped that 20 years would make a difference. My alma mater wasn’t as bad as some but … all it takes is one Lawrence Phillips to blacken a school’s reputation. Never hurt their ticket sales though. 😦

    • oxxo910 says:

      It is going to happen all over. What FSU has done though since the sexual assault allegation is preposterous. If I was a female on their campus, I would be terrified. Not so much of Winston, but the fact that they don’t seem to mind, and will cover it up. That’s not a very safe environment.
      They could have and should have let him go after the shoplifting thing, now he’s just like toying with the administration. I suppose it could be a cry for help. The dude probably needs it.

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