What class has the best minons?

I ask myself this question, because I am thinking about making an all-minion deck. “Best” will be a little subjective, for certain. Perhaps we can quantify this by looking at what kind of diversity or support they can bring to other cards.


The Starving Buzzard works nicely with Unleash the Hounds or Snake Trap, along with every other beast card in the hunter deck! Haha!

Hunter- Has a great synergy with Beasts. There are a lot of beasts in the pool of neutral cards as well. I have a deck made for the “play 30 minions that cost 2 or less” quest. It’s a really fun deck that catches people by surprise but can easily be thwarted if the cards come out wrong.

Druid- They don’t have a lot of minions in their deck, but the ones they have are very powerful. Druid of the Claw is a good example. A 4/4 minion for 5 mana that can either have charge or 4 extra health and Taunt. Not too shabby!

Priest- Might have the most annoying minions. Everyone loves it when a priest pulls out a Northshire Cleric right? I have had some opponents fireball them! A little overkill in my opinion but to each their own.


You can never fully prepare for the SI:7 Agent!

Rogue- Has one of my favorites in the SI:7 Agent, a 3/3 minion for 3 mana that has a 2 point damage combo that can be use on a minion or player. That’s a solid and versatile card. Shame I only have one of them, but I try to put a couple Youthful Brewmasters in my deck to use it more than once 😉 I am a tricksy rogue!

Shaman- A nice balance between versatility and power. I’m missing a couple cards from really being able to take full advantage.

Warlock- Has a lot of minions which are all demons, fittingly, which works with the spells in their deck. However, a lot of them have negative side effects. If just playing a strict minion deck, I’m not sure it would have the flexibility to counter those effects.


Bam! You just got jumped by a Kor’kron Elite. Chances are your opponent has another one on the way!

Warriors- Might have some of the most fun minions. One of my favorites is the Kor’kron Elite, which leaps into battle with a charge. A 4/3 minion that only costs 4 mana to play. Quite powerful.

I think my choices will come down to hunter, priest and shaman. I might just have to try all three. What class do you feel has “the best” minions? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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