Devin Hester may have run himself into the Hall of Fame

Watching Hester this year in Atlanta is bittersweet for me, a Bears fan. It’s a little eye opening that he could come into an offense that already had 2 superstars in Roddy White and Julio Jones and make an impact. Kind of says a little something about current Bears QB Jay Cutler and Head Coach Mark Trestman. This was Hester’s night though, this is the present.

When I saw Devin on the end around glide effortlessly into the endzone, that clinched it in my mind. I sent out a tweet:

I wasn’t calling for him to break the record. I was rooting for it, as I will be rooting for Hester until he hangs up his cleats. He was one of Jerry Angelo’s best draft picks. He continues to amaze, and I hope he does for a few more years to come. Congratulations Devin, you are without a doubt a Hall of Famer, and very much, ridiculous!

View Devin Hester’s record breaking return here!

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One Response to Devin Hester may have run himself into the Hall of Fame

  1. Bugboy says:

    I need to look up the full roster of HoFers who were primarily KR/PRs, but I just looked up Billy “Whiteshoes” Johnson, probably the most famous of them all, and fun fact: he was selected as the PR on the NFL’s 75th anniversary team, but is NOT in the pro football HoF. He is in the College HoF, however.
    Nevertheless, I agree Hester is a HoFer, without doubt. Guy is amazing.

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