How long do you hold onto your decks?

I have been getting frustrated lately in Hearthstone. My decks don’t seem to be cutting it. Even my mage deck, which I tweak from time to time (especially after Naxx). I do turnover a lot of my decks that I am not set on, but my 2 mage decks, hunter deck, rogue deck, 2 warrior decks, and my shaman deck have been there for months. Which leaves me only 2 decks to really mess with. I kind of like my lock deck, which is in my 8th slot (not that it matters) and have a priest deck in my 9th slot, which I could take or leave.

choose your hero

All the decks.

So, how about you guys? Do you tinker with your decks or keep them for a while? I think it’s time to move on, personally. We shall see. Feel free to let me know in the comments down under.

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