My Game of Thrones naming convention

I wrote a while back about some of my naming conventions for Battle Pets. It’s something I like to do. It makes me think fondly of all the money I spent on DVDs and time on shows I have watched over the years. Having just got into the whole Game of Thrones thing this year, it’s kind of fresh in my head. Plus, there are were so many great characters from the show.

Eddard “Ned” Stark- He is strong and noble, perhaps a little naive. The house sigil is a wolf, but I think he is more of a bear. A Darkshore Cub named Ned.

Jaime Lannister- The Kingslayer. Is 90% a jerk. A real self serving PoS. He will murder a child to protect his “secret”. The house sigil is a lion, but he doesn’t really represent that, save for his beautiful golden mane. If I had a lion cub, I would name it after him. Since I don’t, Jaime the Feral Vermling. Kind of fitting.

Robert Baratheon- Boisterous, temperamental, always drunk. Killed by a boar. Baratheon house sigil is a stag. I think a boar is more fitting, don’t you? Live by the boar, die by the boar. “Baratheon the boar”. There is no boar pet so, Baratheon the Summmit Kid? Ugh. They need to make a boar pet soon™.

Hodor- The gentle giant that protects the Stark children. Most notably Bran. Hodor the Direhorn Runt.

Tyrion Lannister- Fun loving, clever, sharp tongued. Could he be anything but a sly fox? Always a step ahead of his enemies. Almost always. Tyri, the Fox Kit.

Daenerys Targaryen- The mother of dragons. Her strength is growing, her wisdom is well beyond her years but she is still young. She commands and army and wins over her subjects with beauty, charm and strength. Daenerys, the Wild Golden Hatchling.

Cersei Lannister- She will do anything to “protect” her children. Lie, kill, murder, plot against. She says she does it for the “family name” but you can see she enjoys it. She is a bitter, evil woman. Cercei, the King Snake.

Jon Snow- Strong yet naive like his father, Ned Stark. Still, he represents his house well. Noble and honorable. He saved the orphan wolves and reluctantly had to care for them. I normally don’t like to rename pets with a distinct name but the white wolf model suits Jon Snow to a “T”. Snow (formerly Moon Moon).

Tywin Lannister- The patriarch of the family. The master schemer. The mastermind of the “Red Wedding”. Treacherous letch. If there is a “king of snakes” it might be the cobra. Tywin the Cobra Hatchling it is!

Arya Stark- The firecracker. The child who has seen so much death, mostly her own family. She is clever for her young age, doesn’t quite yet have the strength to seek her revenge. She does have the ferocity. Arya, the Snow Cub.

That’s all for now. I may have to edit this list and add more names or pets. Hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to add your own Game of Thrones naming conventions for your pets in the comments below!

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