10 movies you never heard of

Back when I worked at Blockbuster video I was exposed to many films I had never heard of. I had a buddy who would always search those movies out, but like many people in your life who come and go, he moved on. Those were my two biggest sources. Now, I have to rely on going to IMDB and seeing what my favorite actors are working on. So, I thought I would share a few with you.

View from the top– Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate and Mark Ruffalo star in this comedy about the airline industry. Mike Myers makes an awesome cameo!

Bend it like Beckham– You probably heard of this one, you might have even seen it. It was one of those movies that I would never have rented, had I not worked at a movie store. I watched it, loved it, and ended up buying a used copy (another perk of the job).

Buffalo Soldiers– Another film from my Blockbuster days. This one stars Joaquin Phoenix, Ana Paquin, Ed Harris and Scott Glen. It is set in 1989 on an American Army base in Germany. Phoenix is an Army man with a shady side job.

The Indian Runner– This drama directed by Sean Penn is about two brothers struggling to cope in a small town after one comes back from Viet Nam. David Morse and Viggo Mortensen star as the two brothers who each have their demons to battle.

The Crossing guard– Jack Nicholson and David Morse star in another drama directed by Sean Penn. I think my buddy was on a Sean Penn kick. The movie is about a man who seeks revenge against the drunk who killed his daughter. It’s dark but very well written and directed. Plus Jack Nicholson.

Sleepy Hollow– Johnny Depp stars as his quirky version of Ichabod Crane, set in 18th century New York. The film is visually stunning, funny and witty. Depp does an outstanding job of a forensic investigator who is quite ahead of his time. Tim Burton directs.

Basic– This is also one of my “5 best endings” for a movie. I made all my friends watch this and kept asking them if they knew what was going on. They usually got lost by the 3rd time I asked. John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Connie Nielsen star in this military thriller about a DEA agent who may or may not be corrupt sent to investigate the disappearance of a highly decorated drill sergeant. Surprises aplenty!

Kangaroo Jack– Ok, this is no masterpiece, but it is a warm/fuzzy fun little comedy, if you have kids in the 7-10 range, they might enjoy it. I liked it. It stars Jerry O’Connell, Anthony Anderson and Estella Warren. A buddy film about two life long friends who have to go to Australia to get out of trouble with the mob.

Lone Star state of mind– An eclectic comedy starring Joshua Jackson, Jaime King and DJ Qualls. Jackson plays the all American boyfriend who tries to keep his girlfriend’s wayward brother from getting himself killed. He gets himself mixed up with some drug dealers and it all kind of unravels from there. Many hijinks and shenanigans ensue. Nice, but small cameo of John “Cougar” Mellencamp.

Boat Trip– Cuba Gooding Jr. and Horatio Sanz are buddies looking to go on a singles cruise. They have a little tiff with the travel agent’s boyfriend who proceeds to send them on a singles cruise–for homosexuals. It takes another turn when Gooding Jr. falls for the ship’s dance instructor (Roselyn Sanchez) who thinks he’s gay. A little raunchy at times, but overall a fun watch!


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  1. Hob Meadows says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Here are a few movies you probably have heard of (in that every one has), probably haven’t watched (because, “Why would you?”), but probably won’t regret.

    Citizen Kane. You hear people talk about it and go, “That thing? It’s like, 75 years old!” Yes, that thing. I just saw it this year for the first time (thanks to Drunk History and whatever channel aired it after midnight), and it was actually amazing. Without knowing any of the back story and history of the people it portrays, it’s a brilliant portrait of man who starts out a social reformer and only wants to do good in the world, to a cold, heartless man who has to control everyone and everything around him. A lot of food for thought in this one.

    Jaws. This film was everywhere in the 70s, so people my age remember it fondly. But I don’t think anyone much younger than me cares. It’s definitely at the “clunky-robot-shark” level of special effects, but the tension and drama between the actors makes the film. And the robot shark is mostly unseen until the end, anyway. Robert Shaw’s speech about the Indianapolis is genius; but keep an eye on Murray Hamilton as Mayor Larry Vaughn. So many understated threats and implications… “Martin, you gonna down close these beaches on your own authority?” The danger isn’t just in the water.

    Dr. Strangelove. “Best. Film. Ever.” This uncorks all of our most paranoid Cold War fantasies (commies putting fluoride in the drinking water, draining our purity of essence; a deranged general ordering a full atomic strike on Russia; a secret “doomsday weapon”; post-atomic bunkers), lets us get a deep breath of the fumes, and giggle ourselves sick (or become so sick, we start giggling). Peter Sellers and George C. Scott give the best, most commanding performances of their careers (IMO).

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