Where do you want Warcraft to go next?

Patch 6.0 should be going live in the next 2 weeks or so. Warlords of Draenor is going to launch on November the 13th here in the States. There have been some cool things coming out such as Lords of War series and the cinematic spoilers, but where do you want Warcraft to go next?

warlords rainbow

Warlords of Draenor will be all rainbows and orcs!

Me? I long for the ethereals to be a playable race. So I wouldn’t mind a face-off against the Burning Legion on Argus or some such planet. That would be really cool. I guess I wouldn’t mind a battle on our home turf of Azeroth either. I even wrote a little about it last December in a Community Blog Topic on WoW Insider.

If we don’t go to another planet, I think there are some ways to use Azeroth in more ways then we previously have. Especially with the new “real-time” phasing like they use during Hallow’s End.

Another interesting idea is the Kul Tiras expansion people talk about from time to time. I like the whole pirate thing, so that would be all good with me. I’m not sure how they would go about suddenly finding the island that supposedly was wiped off the planet by a huge tidal wave after the Cataclysm hit, but that’s their problem!

So where would you like Warcraft to go next? Have any ideas? Feel free to comment in the space down under!

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3 Responses to Where do you want Warcraft to go next?

  1. Definitely Legion. Would like to see the next chapter in that story.

  2. Level Whimsicality says:

    Brand new planet. Add another dimension to the overall story in the same way WC3 did. Maybe even release a WC4 RTS alongside of it!

  3. Bugboy says:

    I’d like another more “personal” expansion if you will, a la LK, and what do you know? We have a faction leader ripe for precisely that kind of xpac. Bliz is in a weird place with Sylvanas, imo: she’s the most compelling character they have left with Arthas gone, which means it would behoove them to keep her around, but on the other hand, her story arc is also crying out for resolution.
    And so, I again make the plea I’ve made several times in the Queue now, lol: a return of Turalyon and Alleria storyline that culminates with a resolution to Syl’s, with a reunification of High and Blood Elves, making High Elves playable for the Alliance, the two together becoming WoW’s next neutral race, and the Horde gets Nagas as playable.

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