1st and 5

Week 5 is here and things are starting to settle down finally. There is also an interesting move at the QB position and one lurking in the bushes. I’ll explain.

QB: Kyle Orton, Bills- This could be a really good move if Orton has grasped enough of the offense. He has a couple young WRs to throw to and two veteran RBs. If you had EJ Manuel or another injured/crappy QB or need one for your bye week, snag him up. Keep an eye on: Michael Vick, Jets- rumors are surfacing that Rex might bail on Geno. If this happens, Vick should be pretty decent as long as he can stay healthy.

RB: Andre Williams, Giants- You might have had him and dropped him–with good reason. This is more of a “stash” pick or a handcuff to Rashad Jennings, who is still thriving as the primary back in New York. Not much happened last week in the RB world. Keep your eye on: Jerik McKinnon, Vikings- who partnered up with Matt Asiata to run all over the Falcons.

WR: Eddie Royal, Chargers- Royal did this last year too. This year it might be legit. Scored 4 TDs the last two weeks. Grab him up if someone doesn’t have him in your league.

WR: Brandon LaFell, Patriots- He looked really good on his TD run vs the Chiefs. Big body receiver with good hands and speed. Problem is, in the New England offense, you never know who is getting the ball. Could be a good bye week sub and a match up flex play going forward.

TE: Travis Kelce, Chiefs- I might be a little late to the party on this dude. More because KC looked so awful in the preseason and early on. If he’s on the waiver wire, go get him.

TE: Heath Miller, Steelers- Big Ben found his old buddy in grand fashion. He should be a decent back up or bye week replacement at the very least.

D/ST: Cowboys- Don’t look now but Dallas held New Orleans to 17 points and made Drew Brees look human for most of the game. If your D/ST is broke or off this week, you could do worse. Cowboys D/ST scored 8 or better the last 3 weeks in my league.

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