Where are you reading from?

One of the coolest things about writing a blog is seeing where everyone is reading from. It blows me away that people from Australia, Germany and Japan find my little blog. So today, I am going to take some time out and urge you, the dear reader, to say hi and feel free to tell me where you are reading from! Don’t be shy!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might have discovered I am in Chicago. Been here all my life. I like almost all the local teams. I won’t mention names (White Sox). I have been blogging away for about 18 months now and I am having an absolute blast doing so. Someday I might actually get some of my poems and fiction published. Until then, you have this blog! Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Here’s to the next 500 posts!

As I mentioned above, please do feel welcome to leave me a note and let me know where you are reading from. No need to be specific, country will do fine!

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5 Responses to Where are you reading from?

  1. Castor27 says:


  2. klokbok says:

    Congratulations on your 500th blog post 🙂

    Read it from Sweden, btw.

  3. Bugboy says:

    Upstate New York.

  4. repgrind says:

    Western New York.

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