Go ‘pink’ for a good cause

October is known for Breast Cancer awareness month for many. Whether you agree with the NFL and some other companies contributions or not, you should at least acknowledge them for trying to raise awareness. I have been doing what I can in Warcraft, which is changing the color of my guild’s tabards to pink for the month, in hopes others catch on and spread the word. If it helps just one person it is a success.

Someone out there may need a reminder.


Idonije ‘going pink’ on the login screen!

If you have a guild, go ‘pink’ for a good cause, you could help save a life. No joke.


Real dwarves wear pink, like Axxeus atop Ironforge.

Going ‘pink’ in Warcraft could help bring up a tough subject. Hopefully seeing this color in your favorite game might make a difference.


Sellia, sports a pink tabard for her storage guild, in Silvermoon City.

Have fun and support a great cause!

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