Who would you pick for an all female Ghostbusters reboot?

This fun topic came up on twitter thanks to @trollingazeroth. It got my gears working (thick smoke billowing, crunching sounds). I figured it would be a really fun write up so, let’s roll with it!


My first pick was Emma Stone. I love her as an actress. She was great in Zombieland. She has a Bill Murray tie because he was in the movie! She seems to have a good sense of humor/timing.


Then I thought Scarlett Johansson. She can be so serious or funny. She would make a good #2 to Emma Stone. She also has a Bill Murray tie from Lost in Translation


My third was Naomie Harris. She is one of my favorite actresses. She can do different accents, she is so charming and brilliant. She has done everything from James bond to Pirates of the Caribbean.


The Dark horse would be Katy Perry (haha pun very much intended). If you have watched any of her videos, you know she can act a little. She seems to have fun with them. I think she would make a great 4th Ghostbuster.

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