Happy Rocktober!

Last year I did the Halloween thing. This year, Rocktober. Some of my favorite “darker” rock songs. Hope you like!

Down with the sickness- Perfectly captures the dark/rock theme I am going for.

Close my eyes forever– The prince of darkness and Lita Ford. This one is a classic. Mr. Osbourne will be featured prominently in this post!

Inna gadda da vida– Creepy, dark, a little evil? This Iron Butterfly song was featured in the 80s movie, “Manhunter” which was based on the book “Red Dragon“. Good movie too.

Bark at the moon– Trying not to make this a full blown Ozzy Osbourne list, but he is the Prince of Darkness.

Number of the beast– Iron Maiden is no stranger to dark and heavy rock tunes. Vincent Price to intro the song? Can’t get better than that. Prepare your souls!

Gonna get close to you– The “jet city” band had some nice dark tracks, especially early on. This one is about a man with some stalking issues.

Welcome home (Sanitarium)– This Metallica song, is obviously about mental health, the stigma of it, and the mistreatment of it’s patients.

Mr. Crowley– A song about one of the most famous people accused of being a witch (the story is much more darker than that). Ozzy does it again!

The Zoo– Not all that dark, but if I am making a “Rocktober” list, it’s hard not to include an offering from this German heavy metal band.

People are strange– This Doors song has been played in a few horror films, such as “The Lost Boys”.

“Double life”– James Young’s voice is kind of dark in general. This Styx song about a man who has a very evil side to him, or so he thinks!

Dragula– You can debate whether Rob Zombie is tasteless or artful, but his songs embody the darker side of rock.

Bodies– Hard and heavy song by metal band Drowning Pool. Dark, disturbing. Good hard rock.

That wraps up this list. Hope you enjoyed and have a great Rocktober!

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