Imagine: a Kul Tiras expansion

I know Warlords of Draenor is coming out in about a month from now. Patch 6.0 dropped on Tuesday, but my mind is always working, turning (cranking sounds and thick smoke bellows forth) and otherwise dreaming up stuff. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes ugly! People have been asking/wishing for a Kul Tiras expansion. Well, buckle up, lets see where this ride goes!

After the Iron Horde is defeated a familiar mage* opens up a portal for the faction leaders to return to their respective city. Varian and Vol’jin are discussing/threatening each other and do not notice a strange portal pop up, the familiar mage ushers the pair towards the portal. Varian looks up and sees it’s not Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Too late though, the mage has pulled them both through. A hero (could be Garona or Jaina, someone who could stealth and find their way back to inform us what happened) jumps through before it closes.

Strangers in a strange land- They find themselves on an island. Surrounded by lizard men and pirates. They find out that the island is protected by a portal. Anyone who sails close is simple ported to the other side only seeing a flash of violet light.

Back in the Eastern Kingdoms, Genn Greymane (acting on the wishes of Varian before he was kidnapped) commissions Stromgarde Keep to be reclaimed by Alliance. Moira offers to lead the offensive, citing it would make her own kingdom a little safer with human reinforcements near by. This would lead into my ultimate plan of having a Moira/Sylvanas alliance. The stronghold would be rigged as a death trap for Sylvanas to swoop in and turn all the humans into forsaken. They would both then march on Silvermoon for Sylvanas to “rightfully claim”. Perhaps she found a way to raise elves into her army?

The mage that kidnapped Varian and Vol’jin was actually a shape-changer.** He took them to Teardrop Isle that has portals on it to the other islands. Each one a new zone with a different theme. The leader of Kul Tiras is also a shape changer.

You can’t trust Sylvanas though, now can you? Once Silvermoon is taken she turns on her “ally” Moira.

The heroes would have to adventure to Teardrop island and unlock the mystery of the 5 portals to figure out where their leaders have been taken to and ultimately destroy the portal that guards the Isle of Kul Tiras. Now, these are just wild ideas I have in my head, I am no lore buff, so I don’t know how this would all fit in with existing things.

*The only mage I really know is Jaina, I’ll let you lore nerds sort out who you would like the “familiar mage” to be!

**No idea what to name the shape-changer race, so I will leave it generic for now

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