NFL Draft comes to Chicago

1999 was the first year I actually sat down and watched the draft on TV. It ushered in a new time for my beloved Bears. Dave Wannstedt had just been relieved of his duties as the head coach/GM/dude who set the franchise back 10 years. In came Dick Jauron with Mark Hatley now in full control of the draft. Even though the Bears first pick that year was UCLA QB Cade McNown, things were looking up for the franchise. Hatley would go on to draft Brian Urlacher, Mike Brown, Jerry Azumah, and Rosevelt Colvin, to name a few.

One draft is all it took to get me hooked into watching it. It’s a holiday of sorts for me now. I hold it as revered as Thanksgiving or even Christmas. Now the live event comes to Chicago. My hometown. There is a lot of excitement for me and my fellow NFL Draft fans. I have been to a few Chicago Bears fan conventions and one of the things you take away is that people come from all over the country, across the pond to England–even Germany, to meet current and former Bears players. People will do the same for the NFL Draft.

Chicago already hosts fans from all over who come here for work or for school. There will no doubt be Packers, Lions, Colts and Rams fans coming in for a chance to attend the NFL Draft. I have little doubt people will filter in from all over the country and the world to attend this event in the “Windy City”.

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