Fantasy impact: Percy Harvin to the Jets

I’ve been watching football on a serious level for about 29 years now, give or take. Playing Fantasy Football for about 17 of those. I cannot remember a trade quite like this, coming almost exactly at the mid-way point in the season.

I’m not sure which is more puzzling: Seattle trading Percy Harvin after having spent the past 2 years waiting for him to get healthy and heavily putting him into their playbook. Or the Jets, who spent good money in the offseason on Chris Johnson and Eric Decker, throwing more money at a talented WR who clearly didn’t fit in with the defending champion’s plans. There is also the fact that the Jets are 1-6. Their season is all but over. It’s quite likely they will have a new coach next year. Their Quarterback, Geno Smith isn’t exactly WR friendly.

Harvin came over to the Seahawks via trade with the Minnesota Vikings at the cost of 2 first round draft picks, back in 2013. While in Minnesota, the speedy receiver showed flashes of brilliance but couldn’t stay healthy enough to stay on the field. His injury problems continued as he missed the vast majority of the 2013 season. Harvin did join the team in the playoffs and played in the Super Bowl. He showed what he was capable of doing in the opening game this season vs the Green Bay Packers.

It will be interesting to see how he fits in with the Jets. Geno Smith has had his own issues. Going to a 1-6 team who is struggling to put up points on offense. It makes me wonder if they already have their eye on an offensive minded head coach who can try what Darryl Bevell could not accomplish: Keeping Harvin healthy and happy and productive.

As far as the fantasy football impact goes. Don’t expect much from Harvin this season. His presence might open up things for RB Chris Ivory and WR Eric Decker. Perhaps you can trade him to a Jets fan in your league who has delusions of grandeur. Funny how art imitates life. From the Seahawks side, go ahead and grab Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. I am especially interested in Kearse who showed some flashes in the preseason and is a bigger body at 6’1″. Marshawn Lynch could be inline to get a few more touches this week and possibly going forward. Which also means defenses might be stacking the box until Seattle proves the passing game can work without the speedy Harvin.

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