10 best episodes of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returned to our TV screens last Sunday in grand fashion as season 5 premiered on AMC. In my opinion it was one of the best episodes to date. I won’t spoil it, if you still have yet to see it.  I’m just going to go in numerical order. Grab a drink and let’s roll.

TS-19: Season 1, episode 6- Rick leads the group to the CDC in Atlanta where you find out some really good info on what is going on. The refuge is short lived and ultimately, they have to move on.

Pretty much dead already: Season 2, episode 7- Things get crazy on the farm. Emotions are running high as the search for Sophia comes to an ironic end.

Beside the dying fire: Season 2, episode 13- Shane and Rick are moving towards a high impact collision. The farm, buys the farm. Total chaos.

Seed: Season 3, episode 1- The group makes their way to a prison. Andrea meets Michonne.

Walk with me: Season 3, episode 3- Andrea and Michonne find a haven called Woodbury. The Governor is introduced and Merle is back!

Clear: Season 3, episode 12- Rick runs into an old friend (Morgan) who has seemingly gone crazy. Carl tells Rick Michonne is “one of them”. Just a brilliant episode.

This sorrowful life: Season 3, episode 15- Merle takes things into his own hands, but ends up doing “the right thing”. In the end, sometimes your most noble deed is the one that turns you into a walker. Fittingly, Daryl is the one to find his brother. It’s very touching.

Too far gone: Season 4, episode 8- A “kinder, gentler” Governor takes Herschel and Michonne hostage in order to negotiate a peaceful takeover of the prison. Epic ending to the first half of season 4.

Claimed: Season 4, episode 11- Daryl runs into an interesting group. Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are introduced.

No sanctuary: Season 5, episode 1- The epic premiere of the current season. Terminus is finally revealed for what it is. Carol is “Zombie apocalypse Rambo”. After the last half of season 4, this episode was so rewarding.


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