Fantasy impact: Injuries

Whether you are new to Fantasy Football or not, you could always benefit from heightened awarness regarding injuries and your players. At this time of the season, the majority or NFL players are dealing with a host of injuries. Some have broken bones, sore/torn muscles. We’re going to take a look at how these things can impact your players and the decisions you make about them.

Barring a season ending injury, there are a few that can cut a players productivity down to nothing.

  • High ankle sprain– a 2-4 week soft tissue injury that could have lingering effects if not treated properly.
  • Hamstring– a tear/strain in the muscle that usually plagues a speedy player throughout the season.
  • Concussion– serious head trauma that can cut short a players career. With most players, it’s a 1-2 game issue, depending on prior history.

It helps to really know your players and their injury history. You play “virtual doctor” to a degree (not really). If your player has a history of hamstring issues or concussions, you know they might take more time to recover. Some players are better than others playing through injury. Brandon Marshall for instance, let it be known that he played though a high ankle sprain earlier this season. His productivity went way down, which was bad for owners, but he fought through it.

Some injuries never make it public, which makes it hard to assess what to do with that player.

So what do you do when your star player is dinged up? Hamstrings are bad news when it comes to wide receivers. Especially if it’s a fast guy like DeSean Jackson (he doesn’t have one, so breathe easy!).

Running backs and Quarterbacks are most affected by concussions*. Any player can get one, but those are the players who are most likely to have them reoccur if not handled properly.

High ankle sprains can happen to anyone who gets tackled. The injury is a lot like a broken bone in the sense that it totally limits what you can do. In fact, when a players has a bad high ankle sprain, they will be put in a walking boot to limit any further stress to the ankle/leg.

There are many other injuries that can effect your players during the season from bruised hands to broken bones. Hopefully your players and favorite footballers stay healthy for the rest of the season!

*Speaking strictly from a fantasy football standpoint. I am not claiming that those players are affected any more in reality.

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