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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! So many things to talk about this week. Yesterday’s episode “Strangers” is right up there with my top 10 Walking Dead episodes of all time. Season 5 is so awesome so far, it could go down as the best ever. I don’t say this lightly as I was pretty unhappy with the 2nd half of season 4.

***There will be spoilers so read at your own risk!***

So right off, we get introduced to a knew character, Gabriel–a priest or some kind of holy dude. I love how there is so much symbolism with religious implications and forgiveness. One thing that was kind of annoying though is that after Terminus, they would feel the need to bring up anything from the past. I would think that would just be a clean slate going forward. I do understand them wanting to know what happened to Lizzie and Mika, but other than that, man, they are alive and that’s really all that matters.

Early on in the episode, Bob gets affectionate with Sasha–which was really cool to see, but then he gets super positive and philosophical with Rick. I kind of felt something was going to go down with him. I never would have predicted what happened would have happened. I’m kind of glad how it played out. His death should be more than just getting eaten by a walker or shot by some random mope.

Rick doesn’t trust Gabriel–and probably justifiably so. If you watched “Talking Dead” you know that there was a bible verse that was painted on the archway, “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life”. Coincidence? I could be reading into it too much, but to me that could mean he knew about the cannibals. I’m wondering if he made some type of Lando Calrissian deal with them: protection in exchange for handing people over to them. There is no way he survives 17+ months without killing anyone. Someone would have raided that church. There is barely a scratch on it. With no weapons, someone has to be protecting it.

Of course the group couldn’t stay together long. Bob goes outside and starts crying and Carol goes off to fuel and charge up the abandon car they came across. Daryl is not far behind and they see a speeding car that he recognizes as the one that took Beth!

The episode was really jam packed with action and nice moments from characters. Not a scene wasted in my opinion. My biggest question: What was the mark on the tree? You saw it when Bob got taken and again later on. It was kind of an L shaped line.

“Zombie kill of the week” is a tie. Mainly because they were kind of ordinary. It’s between Rick slamming a walker’s head on a rock and Michonne taking one out with a kitchen utensil. Looked like a mixing beater perhaps. Fun stuff. I personally don’t see anyone topping Carol blowing up a bunch of them with a firework last week.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment. Tune in next time. Same bat time, same bat channel!

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