The Raiders don’t need a savior

The Raiders don’t need a savior. They need an exorcist. Someone to throw down some holy water and cleanse the place. What they don’t need are false profits. Ex-coaches who won a Super Bowl and since have faded (or proved they can only fail). Jon Gruden might be great, but if he wanted to return to coaching, wouldn’t he have done it already?

I hate to say it, but they might need new ownership. That or Mark Davis to turn all football operations over to a capable NFL person. It doesn’t have to be someone with a huge name. It doesn’t have to be one person. They need to strip it all down and rebuild. Mike Holmgren is the latest name to surface in the Oakland situation.

With all due respect, Holmgren’s track record in Seattle and Cleveland speaks for itself. He’s more of a false profit than a savior anyways. He’s got the big name and accolades from two decades ago in Green Bay.

No. They need someone much younger, plugged into the college game. Young scouts. A young coach, not too young. The Raiders are not totally devoid of talent. They have a young QB who might have more answers than questions by season’s end. They have some WRs who have speed, size and decent hands.

It will be interesting to see how things work out across the Bay in San Francisco. If the 49ers completely lose their mind and decide Harbaugh is not the man for the job, he would be the hottest coach on the market. In my opinion, he could be a perfect fit in Oakland. He is hungry and he knows what it takes to get to a Super Bowl. He would need a strong personality to work with him as the GM. It’s time. Raiders Nation has been starving since 2002, when Gruden beat them in the Super Bowl.

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2 Responses to The Raiders don’t need a savior

  1. Bugboy says:

    35 years ago, after 20 years of futility, Commissioner Pete Rozelle managed to convince Wellington Mara to turn operations of the Giants over to George Young. Mara even at that point was a dinosaur, having become something like the NFL’s version of Connie Mack: an owner/operator trying to run the whole show himself in the modern NFL of GMs, front offices, extensive coaching staffs, etc. The rest is history: the move saved the Giants and turned them back into one of the model franchises in the NFL.
    This needs to happen now not only in Oakland, but also in Dallas, Washington, and anywhere else an owner is trying to run the show, in any of the four sports, to be honest. Owners simply cannot, cannot think that they can put together championship teams like it was back in the old days, and cannot be allowed to. The line as to how hands-on an owner should be allowed to be should be Robert Kraft in New England.
    And the sooner Goodell comes around to this, the better for the Raiders. If Wel Mara was a dinosaur back in ’79, Mark Davis is pre-sentient proto-matter at this stage. The NFL simply must step in, or it’s just going to continue on like this ad infinitum.

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